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Navy Davy does au "O" and I quotas

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Navy Davy does au "O" and I quotas

Post by leslie(nova scotia) on Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:38 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....work was hell and the only cure was digging and a swishing so I grabbed my gear and scooted over to a park where I could do both. Started on land popping this and that including a large toasty copper and one of the ugliest rings I have ever dug followed by a nifty Corvete......don't worry Otto not going to trade you in! The heat was on and I was sweating big time so a quick change of gear and aquatic I went cooling down nicely in the water. Swished up a few coins, ran out of steam (up at 0345hrs and worked my 12 hour shift) mounted Otto and headed home.

Take was the ring, dinkie, large cent and 63 coins @$5.59 added to the back to the UK Fund.

Friday and no work till Monday night shift................yes! So I contacted Navy Davy and we did the dew in a heat wave hitting a school/playing field. Between the heat, sweat and horseflies it was not a pleasant affair but we dug and dug and sweat-ed and sweat-ed and popped many a coin. Then Navy Davy gave me that grin....you know the one and thrust out his hand holding a gold ring! Bouy is on a roll. Shortly after that we called it a day with ND having a gold ring and 26 coins!

After dropping me home from the abbreviated dig the mailman buzzed and I had a parcel delivery! Yes....a new hat from Garrett as I had sent a photo of my old Garrett hat which had seen better days to Melinda (took Mary P's place when she retired from customer service). Hats on to Garrett!

Marie arrived home and asked if I would like to go to the lake for a swim................um! Had to think on that one and within a millisecond we were out the door in bathing attire as the heat wave was still going strong. Lake was crowded but what the halibut I swished adding to my 36 coin total when out with ND.

A first for this bouy as I dug a tool that "More than meets the eye.".

Take for the combo dig was the tool and 66 coins @ $7.83.

Since I got to dig and swish it was only fair that Marie got what she wanted on Saturday which was a trip to the Driftwood restaurant in Berwick for some seafood treats.

We also got to see this neat one piece carving there.

After a great meal we didn't stop to smell the roses but these and slowly drove home with the windows up and Otto's ac on full.

Marie went up to her parents and came back with a package that I had her father bid for me on Ebay. My new quest. To complete this set of gum cards I had as a kid.....hell of a lot costlier now the in the early 60's where you got a few cards and a piece of gum for 5 cents!

leslie(nova scotia)
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