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Better Chanel Handbags onsale

Post by chanelbags72 on Tue Nov 09, 2010 6:20 pm

The Yankees had taken Chattanooga and Chanel Handbags then had marched through the mountain passes into Georgia, but they had been driven back with heavy losses.They had come without food or sleep, without their horses, ambulances or supply trains and, without waiting for the rest, they had leaped from the trains and into the battle.But the South had needed the cheering news from Chickamauga to strengthen its morale through the winter. No one denied now that the Yankees were good fighters and, at last, they had good generals.
And, then, there was a man named Sherman who Designer Chanel Handbags was being mentioned more and more often. He had risen to prominence in the campaigns in Tennessee and the West, and his reputation as a determined and ruthless fighter was growing.Faith in the General and the army was still strong. Confidence in ultimate victory never wavered. But the war was dragging out so long. There were so many dead, so many wounded and maimed for life, so many widowed, so many orphaned.
To make matters worse, a vague distrust of those in high places had begun to creep over the civilian population. Many newspapers were outspoken in their denunciation of President Davis himself and the manner in which he prosecuted the war.There were thousands of able-bodied men in the state troops for whom the army was frantic, but the government pleaded for them in vain. Shoes cost from two hundred to eight hundred dollars a pair, depending on whether Cheap Chanel Handbags they were made of “cardboard” or real leather.

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