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Using my scale on a 14k with diamonds!

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Using my scale on a 14k with diamonds!

Post by leslie(nova scotia) on Fri Nov 12, 2010 4:32 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....well Otto got new rubbers to help practise safe traveling while land baby had her baggy removed as the weather had turned and there was no need to practise safe detecting! Of course there is no safety net for me waking up on the wrong side of the bed after a grueling night shift. None at all. So feeling like I was and not wanting to share it I didn't call Navy Davy for my free hour and a half. Hit a local playing field that after all the rain was half an Olympic swimming pool while the other half was a ring that mud wrestler long for. It was foul....just like me!

The usual assortment of coinage was unearthed along with a dog chain and a Galloway golf egg that failed to hatch this year! Then a very low and unpromising sound emitted from land baby and I said to myself.. "Self what the halibut" and with that settled down into a pool of gunk and dug. Well me son the bad mood was lifted a tad as I pulled out this little number. My first two thoughts were;
1. now I finally get to use the scale I brought from Slickpick Rick
2. hope this fits Marie's finger to replace the one stolen in the Dominican!

With that tucked away in the digging jacket I meander on for a tad more playing "piss off the seagulls dining" till it was time to leave and pick up the boss.

Once home I tried my find on the scale...first victim with more hopefully to follow.

Take for the day was a dog chain, golf egg, rhinestone button, gold ring and 45 coins @ $10.62 added to the "Back to the UK Fund."

The ring did fit and Marie, after some coxing, left it on the finger that was once home to another found gold ring.

leslie(nova scotia)
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