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Eyeballed a penny and one great set of legs!

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Eyeballed a penny and one great set of legs!

Post by leslie(nova scotia) on Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:38 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....after a grueling night shift where I found out I was going to be in charge of the shift (might be a long haul youz) it was time for a brief nap before going to hockey and becoming that super hero " the Human Pylon" and let me tell you me son I lived up to the name getting run over a few times by freight trains, zambonis and a funny little fellow wearing a blue maple leaf on his jersey. We was crushed, pounded, defeated and royally toasted.

Feeling the agony of defeat I headed to pick up Marie after having a shower and washing the "smell of defeat" from my ancient body . Exiting the rink I eyeballed a penny on the ground! Keep my nose to the ground. All counts. Getting up on wobbly knees I then eyeballed one great set of legs!

Think they belonged to Tinker-bell (was hoping that she would grant me one wish..... to be the next Sidney Crosby) and I didn't tell Marie what I had eyeballed least there be more aching body parts..................come on spring!

leslie(nova scotia)
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