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Coin harvesting time

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Coin harvesting time

Post by leslie(nova scotia) on Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:35 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....gut up at da crack of dawn and started da chores which mostly consisted of making breakfast fur da hunny bunny who has a touch of the bug. Threw on the coveralls and the furbie and went to fetch Otto.

Well let me tell you Otto Mo Bile is no John Deer but the car has heart and gut me to the field lickety split. Had the field to myself for about....um three minutes when a pair of kids came over and said "Mister lettuce help you!" Kind of replied in a rather corny way with two simple words, "Beet it."

With that I continued swinging the detector like a sickle mowing down the coins with each swipe. Each sod I cut made me wonder what would turnip! Hen the snow started coming down hard wid hail mixed in fur gud measures. The wind was howling bigtime so I'z lowered the flaps on my furbie and tied them down. It was time to git back to harvesting quota!

Things were going gud at least till I bent down and my knee sunk into the ground engulfing a good part of my shin as well. I was hog wild at that point as water was going down into me boot. To top it off my Niagara nose was dripping to chin level.....not a pretty sight youz!

Well the harvest was over and quota plowed out of the ground. Take was 53 coins @ $6.85 and then it was home to see the apple of my eye ..........she was gone to the hospital with her mother who was getting an MIR.

This evening should be a blast as it's party time as my brother's Russian wife Natasha is now offically a Canuck citizen!

leslie(nova scotia)
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