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Just say no to Kellyco

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Just say no to Kellyco

Post by sscindercoop on Mon May 24, 2010 4:08 pm

I have dealt with kellyco many times and have always had minor problems with them that I have been willing to overlook because I thought they had the lowest prices around. Well this time its gone to far I ordered a Metal detector for my son from kellyco It didnt ship the day they promised to ship it. It arrived well after a week typical kellyco but no big deal. I finally get the machine set it up try it in my test garden and it was very unstable had to turn the sensitivity way down until I got no depth try every adjustment and nothing so I call Kellyco and explain my problem. They tell me no problem yeah the delta doesn't do so good in mineralization will mail ya a return shipping label because I explained I had no printer to print the label I should have it in less than a week. Well after 6 or 7 days I check my email and see they just sent the return label to my email for me to print out after I explained I have no printer. So I give them another call and wait for them to transfer me to what seemed like every employee until I Got some one to send me another shipping label. Well I finally get the label return the machine call kellyco speak to Doris and explain to her that Im having trouble with a bank error could you please mail my refund to me. She says no problem and promises me I will be mailed a check for my refund. Well guess what Doris lied they sent the money back to my account. No big deal I get that all straightened out with the bank but I find out I wasn't refunded all my money so I call Kellyco again and they tell me they tested the machine and its fine so they whacked me with a $55.00 dollar restocking fee. I explain that the machine was not working properly that I used many machines and they tell me sorry its not faulty. I ask to speak to a manager I was assured Frank would give me a call well guess what that never happened . So I call back sorry your out the $55. I have spent well over a thousand dollars at kellyco in the last year or so and this is the thanks I get. I guess Kellyco just got to big to were they don't care about doing whats right or they don't remember what good customer service is. Well everyone take it for what its worth I would hate for this to happen to some one else.

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Re: Just say no to Kellyco

Post by Flints Detecting on Mon May 24, 2010 4:20 pm

Yeah I think that is exactly what happened they got to big and now don't care about the customer like they used to. The bad thing is the restocking fee. that means some one is going to buy the same machine and have the same problem. I hope it's not some one that is new to the hobby because they are just going to give up thinking it sucks. Oh be careful what forums you post that on they will ban you or retype it to say Kellyco is the best thing ever and that they gave you $55 dollars...LOL

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